Automatic Headgates

Zimmerman Headgates have a reputation of quality and durability. With a Zimmerman Headgate you’ll know your cows will be safely immobilized and the unit will last far longer than a cheaper unit. They can be purchased separately or with chute options.


  • Full roof cover for outdoor protection.
  • Heavy duty latch for positive locking.
  • Double linkage for extra stability.
  • Control handles on both sides.
  • Fast, easy adjustments for shoulder and neck sizes.
  • Handle to manually operate for slow or horned Cows.

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • 6″ channel base.
  • 2-3/8″ O.D. schedule 40 pipe frame.
  • 2-1/2″ square top support.
  • Fully opens to 26″
  • Overall width: 38″
  • Overall height: 72″
  • Mounting holes, 31-1/2″ center to center.
  • From floor: 1st hole 9″, 2nd hole 32-1/2″, 3rd hole 55-1/2″


 Click picture to see video of the HVC12 in action.

Hoof Care Chute Video
  • Front and back belly straps for animal stability
  • Zimmerman Automatic Locking Head Gate (can be bought separately).
  • Anti-skid Rumber™ floor for safe footing
  • Positive Action winches for more reliable operation
  • Picks up feet safely for easy Hoof Trimming and care
  • Four indendently opening Side Panels (2 high, 2 low)
  • Durable powder coated steel frame

The rear leg lifter is operated independently from the rear gate for extra stability. The rear gate is also adjustable for a wide range of animal sizes.

Front hoof lifting is an easy, efficient operation.



Quality Cattle Chute for Beef and Dairy Farms
The ECC12 is not a lightweight. It’s heavy-duty construction insures that this premium Cattle Chute will last much longer than many more lightly constructed chutes. The ECC12 now comes standard with Rumber™ floor for better footing; parts are now laser-cut for higher precision, allowing it to be bolted instead of welded together. This allows the unit to be shipped unassembled for more cost-effective shipping rates. 

Standard Features

  • Zimmerman automatic locking head gate
  • Anti-skid Rumber™ floor for safe footing
  • 2-gate side panels and rear swing gate
  • Optional lift gate available

Milking Parlor

LS96 Milking Parlor

Manufactured to operate smoothly and withstand the daily rigors of heavy use, the Zimmerman LS96 Milking Parlor is designed for mid-size to small dairy farms where the operator is comfortable with close contact with cows. It makes milking easier through it’s automatic features that allow the cows to milk at their own pace.

“Since installing a Zimmerman Step-up Parlor several years ago, we have learned to appreciate the ease with which cows enter and exit…“Click to read more about the Kauffman’s opinion of the Milking Parlor.

“15years – 2,471,572 Milkings – Only 1 Injured Teat!“Click to read more about Bollinger’s opinion of the Milking Parlor.

Milking Parlor Video Picture Link

More comfortable milking means your cows will thank you with higher milk production! See the Milking Parlor’s versatile operation in the short video at right.
For more details and specifications

Walk-Through Milking Parlor Features

  • Unique latch system keeps doors in unlocked position until cow has exited. Operates by direct pull rod linkage.  Manufactured with brass bushings on rocker arm assembly.
  • Cam balanced spring that automatically positions door to receive next cow.
  • Doors operated by cross link tie rods.
  • Smooth, quiet operations with UHMW synthetic bushings on the door hinges & soft rubber bumper used on the stops.
  • Heavy duty frame manufactured with 3 x 1 1/2 x 3/16 tubing.
  • Brass ball joints on all rod linkage.


The LS96 Walk-Through Milking Parlor supports all milking systems with equipment racks that conveniently adjust to accomodate any milking unit.Cow Flow Chart


Configurations For Barns

The LS96 Walk-Through modular units conveniently make any number of popular configurations in existing barns or new construction. Posts generally work into designs without creating problems.

Click Here for larger image

Optional Accessories

Anchor Channel Kit
Part #LS96PCAC

Stainless Steel Curb 30″
Part #LS96SSCU30

Seat Kit
Part #LS96SE

We’ve increased the durability of our Milker Carts – and at the same time significantly reduced the price. We improved the design to one universal cart that can handle the bulk of dairy needs. The MC-55 holds up to 10 milking units and is easily maneuvered with 2 heavy-duty front swivel wheels that no longer have bearings to rust out. The large pneumatic rear tires move smoothly over irregular barn floors.

  • Expanded metal tray on the bottom for easy cleaning – 55”Lx14”Wx6”H
  • Conveniently located front pull handle
  • Lower profile moves easily under pipes
  • Wide track design provides stability
  • Durable plastic utility tray with drawer for vet supplies
  • Conveniently packaged to ship UPS or FedEx
  • 55”L x 24½”W x 64”H



Available with either a paper towel holder or bucket holder

Because of the extreme durability of our cutting-edge powder coating process, we back it with the Zimmerman 20 Year Warranty




Zimmerman Bale Movers are made to mount to tractor in minutes and makes stacking bales easy. 

250 Series bale mover mounted on a tractor shown with universal quick attach mounting bracket and optional forged steel prongs and optional top frame extension.

Shown below are some of the many frame and mounting options that Zimmerman offers you.

COMQK Mounting BracketCOMQU253 Welded Universal Quick Attach 4 prong bale moverSSL251 Bucket mount for round bales


All bale mover frames are finished with a zinc rich undercoat and polyester top coat. COM 250 Series Frames for quick attach mounting are pictured below. Prongs and stabilizers are not included.

Top Frame Extenders

Forged Steel Prongs


Shown are the seven most popular mounting bracket options for 250 Series frames. Additional models are available.

Fits J.D. models 240, 245, 260 and 265 loaders

Fits J.D. 540 and 541 loaders

Fits Quickie Loader all sizes

Fits J.D. 640 and 740

Fits Great Bend loaders all sizes

Fits Universal skid loaders

3 pt. hitch and/or boom mount


As of January 1, 2013, Zimmerman Cattle Control no longer manufactures or markets the following products:

  • Gates & Gate Accessories
  • Fencing & Slant Bar
  • Bottom Release Headlocks & Mounting Hardware
  • Loop Stalls
  • Comfort Stalls
  • Stall Clamps & Accessories
  • Posts
  • Manure Push Off Guards
  • Milker Carts
  • Hay Rack
  • Pail Holders
These products have been sold to and will be manufactured and marketed by CK Manufacturing of Paradise, PA.